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Toxic Lens

Ha! In any group of kids there's always one or two who are proud of their middle finger :)


wow. no wonder pagodas sink. it's a mazing how a piece of man-made raft could hold such a massive crowd. i reckon you were at the bay when you took this right? nice close-ups by the way...priceless expressions you'll only get from Filipinos who are aware that they're being documented, sheesah!

p.s. this "remember personal info" thingie in your comment box still won't work with my pc. :(


I'm impressed by how happy everyone always appear in your pictures.


What a happy looking crowd and what a huge raft.
An impressive events for sure. Nice one.


Wow! They must love you over there by now! :P


kinda fun to be on the huge floating raft...look like everybody enjoy and cheerful...nice capture:-))


wow very impressive ... very festive photos.


that is the biggest bamboo raft i have ever seen! unsafe, yes but they believe they are protected by the saint.


very impressive indeed, it looks so huge and pretty unsafe

19 Seconds Of Spring

Impressive and original once again...


How much people on this raft? It's really a huge one.
They are not afraid the raft sinks.


What a stunning series. How much people on this raft? Really impressive.


Amazing that raft!


Tena koe ehoa
The faces of these people are relative to the festive occasion in which they are about to partake. Wonderful to see the joy of these people in light of the recent happeninngs with nature and it's wrath.

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